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Chris Hoy or Sir Christopher Hoy was born on the 23rd of March in the year 1976. He was born in Edinburgh in Scotland and is a British professional cyclist and races for Great Britain and Scotland. Chris Hoy has won the World Championship several times and is also an Olympic hero in the sport of cycling. He won in total three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics held in the year 2008. With this tremendous performance, he became Scotland’s most successful athlete at the Olympics. Chris Hoy is also the most successful male cyclist of all time at the Olympics.

The 1982 film E.T the Extra Terrestrial inspired Chris Hoy to cycle. He was then a mere six year old boy. Between the age of seven and fourteen, Chris Hoy raced for BMX and was ranked two in Britain, ninth in the World and seventh in the whole of Europe. He then received a scholarship from Kwik-Fit and Slazenger to compete in the United States and in Europe. Chris Hoy was also into rowing and rugby as a student. The fist cycling club that he ever joined was Dunedin CC in the year 1992. Chris Hoy then started focusing on only track cycling from the year 1994 joining the City of Edinburgh Racing Club. Chris Hoy’s main events included the Team Sprint and the one kilometre Time Trial. It was Team Sprint that brought him his very first World Championship medal. His team came second in the year 1999. The first World Title for his team came in the year 2002 at Copenhagen in the Ballerup Velodrome. He also won the one kilometre time trial that same very year beating Arnaud Tournant. Their main competitors in the recent years have been the team from France.

Chris Hoy was the number one cyclist in the one kilometre Time Trial for many years but stopped taking part in it after it was removed from the Olympic Schedule. Chris Hoy won his first World Title in the year 2002 and then again won it in the years 2004, 2006 and 2007. His first Olympic title came at the 2004 Olympics. After the Kilo was removed from the Olympic Schedule, Chris Hoy started focusing on other aspects of cycling. He started specializing in the Keirin. His first success at this event came at the Manchester round in the year 2007 at the World Cup Classics Series. His form continued to the World Championships where he bagged the gold medal. This showed his true class as he mastered a different new event and won the World Championships. In the year 2007, Chris Hoy attempted to break the World Record for the kilometre. He came very close but fell short by a mere 0.005 seconds.

Chris Hoy did not race at the World Cup Classics Event at Manchester as he chose to commentate with the BBC and sign autographs. He made a comeback at the Revolution 22 event in Manchester in the month of December. He was acknowledged by the crowd with a standing ovation, a gesture truly deserved by one of the most successful cyclists of all time, Chris Hoy.

The Excitement Of Playing At The Hometown Makes Mark excited

Mark Cavendish knows that nothing is guaranteed in sport set he is vying to be successful in his hometown. He is already being hailed as the top contender this time for Tour de France which is going to take place in Harrogate.

Being 29 years of age and ranked third for the stage wins all the time almost considering the Tour of France he has not been able to lift that yellow jersey even after 25 triumphs which has made him a local hero in almost all the places. So this is his best chance of becoming victorious at his mother’s hometown. But he is not relying upon his laurels rather he wants to persevere and then make it to the winning stage. He is not being over confident at all. Keeping him grounded is the excitement that is making him brim from time to time and probably his last chance of doubling the excitement at a fitting place.

In fact he is just not focusing entirely on Yorkshire as the tour does not end there. There are more 20 stages after Saturday. The vibe has never been seen before by him. Many champions have been left out by the team in the starting line up itself making the hometown riders less in number and also adding to Mark’s advantage. The reason why the cyclists like to keep coming back in Yorkshire is because of the success. He wished Bradley and David to be there with him. The entry of Chris Froome will make it exciting and people will be rooting for him. Mark believes in competition which is a great sign for any sportsman. He will become the seventh rider from British to wear the yellow jersey. The opening line up is of trek 190.5 km with beautiful scenery of the countryside of Britain.

SPOTY 2008, Chris Hoy

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Classics To Be Another Prestigious Event

The event, Tour de France is going to start in the city of Yorkshire before it comes down to the capital city in July. This event is considered to be the most important jewel in the crown of the elite cyclists. Besides this event and the rest Grand Tours, Classics has proved to be the most prestigious event in sports.

All of these events are difficult one day events which also have the infamous Paris-Roubaix who is also known as the “Hell of the North”, which compels the riders to ride over the stony paths of Northern France leading towards frontier of Belgian. The previous year the introductory Prudential RideLondon helped out the city of London and Surrey on the map of elite cyclist’s map and displayed a series of expert racing of bikes. It was the event where 148 top cyclists from 25 teams had come down to the capital city.

Arnaud Demare, who is a Frenchman and a part of the FDJ team, reached the line at the earliest on The Mall. On the other hand 131 participants could finish the difficult route. This route was quite different from the route of the Olympic Road Cycling in 2012 which had started from Queen Elizabeth Olympic park.

A similar path will be followed by the Classics as that of Ride London Surrey 100 but it will have other deviations in the path so as to provide a new thrill and excitement in the race which will be of 124 miles. This will also adhere to the UCI pro requirements.

A similar route is intended to be followed by the London Classic as that done by London Surry. The only additional difference will be on the twists and curves incorporated in the road map which will help to a spectacle of a distance of 124 miles and this would also meet the prescribed requirements.

A Bike Ride with Sir Chris Hoy!

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Sir Chris Hoy Britian’s greatest Olympian and Sir Steve Redgrave

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Velodrome Skid Competition

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