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Chris Hoy or Sir Christopher Hoy was born on the 23rd of March in the year 1976. He was born in Edinburgh in Scotland and is a British professional cyclist and races for Great Britain and Scotland. Chris Hoy has won the World Championship several times and is also an Olympic hero in the sport of cycling. He won in total three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics held in the year 2008. With this tremendous performance, he became Scotland’s most successful athlete at the Olympics. Chris Hoy is also the most successful male cyclist of all time at the Olympics.

The 1982 film E.T the Extra Terrestrial inspired Chris Hoy to cycle. He was then a mere six year old boy. Between the age of seven and fourteen, Chris Hoy raced for BMX and was ranked two in Britain, ninth in the World and seventh in the whole of Europe. He then received a scholarship from Kwik-Fit and Slazenger to compete in the United States and in Europe. Chris Hoy was also into rowing and rugby as a student. The fist cycling club that he ever joined was Dunedin CC in the year 1992. Chris Hoy then started focusing on only track cycling from the year 1994 joining the City of Edinburgh Racing Club. Chris Hoy’s main events included the Team Sprint and the one kilometre Time Trial. It was Team Sprint that brought him his very first World Championship medal. His team came second in the year 1999. The first World Title for his team came in the year 2002 at Copenhagen in the Ballerup Velodrome. He also won the one kilometre time trial that same very year beating Arnaud Tournant. Their main competitors in the recent years have been the team from France.

Chris Hoy was the number one cyclist in the one kilometre Time Trial for many years but stopped taking part in it after it was removed from the Olympic Schedule. Chris Hoy won his first World Title in the year 2002 and then again won it in the years 2004, 2006 and 2007. His first Olympic title came at the 2004 Olympics. After the Kilo was removed from the Olympic Schedule, Chris Hoy started focusing on other aspects of cycling. He started specializing in the Keirin. His first success at this event came at the Manchester round in the year 2007 at the World Cup Classics Series. His form continued to the World Championships where he bagged the gold medal. This showed his true class as he mastered a different new event and won the World Championships. In the year 2007, Chris Hoy attempted to break the World Record for the kilometre. He came very close but fell short by a mere 0.005 seconds.

Chris Hoy did not race at the World Cup Classics Event at Manchester as he chose to commentate with the BBC and sign autographs. He made a comeback at the Revolution 22 event in Manchester in the month of December. He was acknowledged by the crowd with a standing ovation, a gesture truly deserved by one of the most successful cyclists of all time, Chris Hoy.

Sir Chris Hoy Wins Gold London 2012

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Bradley Wiggins Wins The Individual Time Trial In Britain Tour

At nine minutes and 50.71 seconds, Sir Bradley Wiggins won the stage 8a’s individual time trial in 2014’s Tour of Britain. He did the circuit of 8.8 kms at eight seconds ahead of Sylvain Chavanel and nine seconds faster than Steve Cummings. Sylvain was the runner-up and Steve secured the third place. This win in the penultimate leg of the tour puts Wiggins at the overall third position. At the top it’s Dylan van Baarle from Holland who holds the position at 19 seconds ahead of Michal Kwiatkowski of Poland.

At the age of 34, Wiggins is looking forward to the upcoming Olympics in 2016. He is aiming at one last gold medal at Rio in two years’ time.

Wiggins had won the Tour of Britain in 2013. This year, he began the 8a with a lag of 47 seconds at seventh. However he rolled the ramp to stage his success. In the course between Whitehall and Tower Hill, by halfway he had managed to create a gap of 5 seconds with Sylvain Chavanel. This gap went on to stretch to 8 seconds by the end. The Tour of Britain remains one of the hardest races of a year according to most racers.

The race is tricky and involves straight up fights between contenders. After the race Wiggins shared that the race this year was quite tough, specially the pattern along with the time bonuses and the style of his fellow racers. Apparently, all the factors did not favor his racing style.  Wiggins was optimistic after the race and was happy to ascertain that he is in correct shape and requires little improvements before his upcoming objective. Wiggins’ return to the Tour of Britain next year is uncertain. It depends on his contract negotiation with Team Sky. His deal with Team Sky is being worked out as of now and he expects to meet them in the following weeks.

Sir Chris Hoy on Sky Ride

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Hoy strongly condemns Bolt’s criticism on Commonwealth

Usain Bolt’s insensible comment on Commonwealth Games has naturally earned severe criticism from famous sport personalities of the world and the latest to criticize it is Sir Chris Hoy. Condemning Bolt’s remark as “a shame”, the 6-time gold medalist has commented that the sprint superstar has done something really derogatory by looking down upon the prestigious sporting event.

As per the reports, the speediest man is claimed to have said that the 2014 Commonwealth Games were “a tad s***” & that he is not actually having a great time in Glasgow.

However, the Jamaican sprinter has denied any claim regarding his derogatory comment on Commonwealth Games. He even remarked such an allegation as “nonsense” but Scottish media too has declared full confidence in their report about Bolt.

“I have not heard anyone saying anything derogatory as this”, remarked Sir Hoy adding that he has not met any athlete who has not been so blown away here (the Games).

“It is a matter of great shame if Bolt has yet I will say that take 99.9 percent of athletes’ opinion & use that as the barometer.”

Usain is believed to have passed the derogatory comment outside athletes’ village yet his Twitter posts were strong on denial.

“I am getting up to such kind of nonsense…journalists kindly do not create such lies for headlines”, was the tweet from Bolt.

The Jamaican sprinter later described his experience at Commonwealth 2014 as nothing but “awesome” while heading to female netball game between New Zealand & Jamaica.

Usain’s manager too refuted the claims as “rubbish”

“The ambience in & around the stadium is just fantastic & I don’t have a single cue on where such quotes are coming from”, said Ricky Simms, the manager of the Jamaican athlete.

Chris Hoy Paints Elephant Parade to Music at ArtMoose Studio

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Sharapova Under Fire

The cricket fans in India were terribly angry at Maria Sharapova for her saying that she didn’t know Sachin Tendulkar.

But, those fans would certainly cool down a little bit now because Tendulkar himself has said that he didn’t consider that remark of Sharapova disrespectful at all.

According to Sachin, Sharapova might not follow the game of cricket that much and thus, she can’t be expected to know somebody who belongs to the game.

Sachin is one of the most highly regarded sports personalities in the world. Many tennis players themselves are his fans and one of them is Roger Federer. The Swiss maestro has praised the former Indian batsman many a time publicly.

Sachin’s fans actually took Sharapova’s statement as an insult which was clearly wrong on their part simply because Sharapova comes from a country where a large chunk of the population doesn’t have any idea about cricket.

The kids grow up in Russia dreaming of making their careers in football and tennis and not in cricket. The game of 22 yards in not popular in that part of the world and it’s fully understandable for the people of that country to not know the cricket players.

Sharapova might not know anything about cricket, but, she is a big fan of football and during the recently finished FIFA World Cup 2014, she was consistently backing Brazil as one of her friends David Luiz was playing for that team.

But, her support and well wishes could not take Brazil to the final as they ended up being thumped by Germany properly in the Round of 4.

Sharapova regularly tweets about football and apart from Luiz, she is believed to be the fan of many other soccer players including Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.