Bradley Wiggins Wins The Individual Time Trial In Britain Tour

At nine minutes and 50.71 seconds, Sir Bradley Wiggins won the stage 8a’s individual time trial in 2014’s Tour of Britain. He did the circuit of 8.8 kms at eight seconds ahead of Sylvain Chavanel and nine seconds faster than Steve Cummings. Sylvain was the runner-up and Steve secured the third place. This win in the penultimate leg of the tour puts Wiggins at the overall third position. At the top it’s Dylan van Baarle from Holland who holds the position at 19 seconds ahead of Michal Kwiatkowski of Poland.

At the age of 34, Wiggins is looking forward to the upcoming Olympics in 2016. He is aiming at one last gold medal at Rio in two years’ time.

Wiggins had won the Tour of Britain in 2013. This year, he began the 8a with a lag of 47 seconds at seventh. However he rolled the ramp to stage his success. In the course between Whitehall and Tower Hill, by halfway he had managed to create a gap of 5 seconds with Sylvain Chavanel. This gap went on to stretch to 8 seconds by the end. The Tour of Britain remains one of the hardest races of a year according to most racers.

The race is tricky and involves straight up fights between contenders. After the race Wiggins shared that the race this year was quite tough, specially the pattern along with the time bonuses and the style of his fellow racers. Apparently, all the factors did not favor his racing style.  Wiggins was optimistic after the race and was happy to ascertain that he is in correct shape and requires little improvements before his upcoming objective. Wiggins’ return to the Tour of Britain next year is uncertain. It depends on his contract negotiation with Team Sky. His deal with Team Sky is being worked out as of now and he expects to meet them in the following weeks.

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