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2018 Glasgow Bid Champion

The esteemed British cyclist, Chris Hoy has been declared as a 2018 Glasgow Bid Champion. The eleven-time world champion and 6-time Olympic Gold winner track cyclist seemed deeply elated with the 2018 Glasgow Bid decision and remarked that Glasgow would be empowering the next-gen cyclists through Olympic values that would in turn help to secure …

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Sir Hoy Speaks On The Armstrong Drug Scandal

The British Cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, eleven times world champion and six times Olympic gold winner and one silver recently broke his silence on the Lance Armstrong incident on twitter. He expressed his disappointment in Armstrong stating how his irresponsible action has tainted the entire sports cycling community.

Lance Armstrong went on air for …

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Doping In Cycling

After the Lance Armstrong confession about doping during his seven titles of Tour de France on television, Sir Chris Hoy said that he wants to break the chain of past into the future of cycling, and he also said that he wants to reform the cycling and to get rid of people who use unfair …

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Chris Hoy Saddened and Enraged

Chris Hoy, professional road racing cyclist and winner of seven Olympic medals (out of which 6 were gold) and 11-time world championship winner recently tweeted that because of “a few minority of people” the whole sport of cycling has been tainted.

Lance Armstrong was recently stripped of his Olympic wins and other world championship medals …

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Sir Chris Hoy starts thinking of retirement

Sir Chris Hoy is, undoubtedly, the greatest Olympian that Britain even had. He has received enormous supports and salutes following his sixth gold medal in 2012 London Olympics. With seven overall medals in Olympic, Hoy became the all time inspiration for all British young cyclist. But it seems that he is thinking of his retirement. …

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Chris Hoy will retire

The most successful British Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy recently gave a bite where he expressed his wish to win the Commonwealth gold medal in 2014. The champion cyclist managed to get six Olympic gold medals under his belt after securing two gold medals at London 2012. He also open-heartedly accepted the fact that it would …

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