Chris Hoy’s Opinion

The Olympic champion, Chris Hoy has no regrets regarding his retirement as he feels that every career has to meet its end at some point of time. He is happy with the current balance in his life and is getting an opportunity to try out new things in life.

Hoy does miss his daily routine and working with the team-mates. But once he takes a trip down the memory lane all his injuries, frustrations, stress etc related to his cycling career are forgotten and all that he remembers are the good times.

Chris Hoy loved his cycling career but he also agrees that at times it was hard to maintain the high-level form that he had. He was going to be a part of the Unibet Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (2014). However, he realized that it was time to retire and give a chance to the other cyclists to win medals and commence their careers.

Ever since the London Olympic Games 2012, Chris Hoy has had amazing experiences. The changes that Hoy had in his life after Olympics have had a great impact on his overall personality as well. He thinks retirement is the time to evaluate these changes within himself and figure out what to do next.

Hoy has been mentoring the team of Scotland and hopes to mentor the team of Great Britain in the year 2016. In relation to the Commonwealth Games, Hoy has an ambassadorial part to play. He has been giving ample of time to his bike range as well after the retirement.

Leading his team at the London Olympics 2012 was an honor for him and it was the unforgettable memory of his life. Winning the gold medal for the team sprint was a wonderful achievement according to him. Lastly, bidding farewell to his career was difficult but according to him he had satisfactorily ended his career.

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