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9 thoughts on “Chris Hoy – 2008 BBC Interview (Inside Sport)

  1. Well, it’s just that Chris Hoy has a Scandinavian look about him with his
    blond hair and blue eyes.

  2. How can anyone dislike the great Sir Chris Hoy? He is simply one of the
    very best sportsman that the British Isles has ever produced.

  3. i agree, i just thought cupcakefairy87 was stereotyping and expecting Chris
    to be wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes.

  4. I get what their saying, alot of Scottish, Welsh and Irish people have
    Celtic features which are more darker than Scandinavians. Sean Connery
    (also Scottish) is a good example. As are Catherine Zeta Jones, Colin
    Farrell, The Corr sisters, Cheryl Cole, Tom Jones, Steve Jones, Gethin
    Jones, Ioan Gruffard, Keira Knightley, Roy Keane, George Best, Liam and
    Noel Gallagher, Frank Lampard, amongst many, many other people.

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