Chris Hoy Holds His Baby Son For The First Time

Chris Hoy said that he was very happy to hold his son, Callum, for the first time. The baby was born 11 weeks premature. Sir Hoy said that they weren’t expecting the baby so soon and he also said that the baby is doing well.

Sir Hoy said that the baby’s condition is improving very fast. He said that seeing the baby and holding him is a wonderful experience for them and to be able to bring the baby home would be great. They don’t know yet when they would be able to bring the baby home, they’re hoping that they’ll be able to bring the baby home by Christmas. Sir Hoy said that there couldn’t be a better Christmas present for them than to be able to bring the baby home but he also said that right now, they’re trying to not think much further ahead. Chris Hoy said that the baby is gaining weight and becoming stronger with each passing day and they’re hopeful of bringing the baby home shortly.

He said that holding one’s baby for the first time is an incredible experience and he also said that the situation is actually very stressful. He also said that the couple didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl; they were very much delighted to find out that it is a boy. He said that to hold one’s baby for the first time is a marvelous feeling.

Chris Hoy was chosen as Scotland’s national treasure by the public. The poll was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the national Lottery. He said that he used to buy lottery tickets occasionally and he also used to sell them. He said that lottery had the biggest impact on his career. He said that he didn’t have to get a job after finishing university because he had the option of making money by selling lottery tickets. He said that if he joined a full time job then he wouldn’t have been able to train as much as he did. He said that for his becoming an athlete, no other factor was as important as lottery.

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