Chris Hoy Prepares For Le Mans Debut

Many have been following Chris Hoy’s adventures as he prepared for his debut race in Le Mans this year.

About four days ago many found him preparing himself and facing the disbelief that he had actually qualified for this world event. There were interviews where Chris Hoy was found to state that he is overcome with awe at the aspect of what he is about to participate in. He has been practicing in his race suit offered by Nismo Racing. The forty year old is raring to go, being a native of Edinburgh. Having practiced taking part in motor racing, he felt that he was ready to race on the tracks which were an exhilarating experience for him, especially when you compare road driving where you are stuck in traffic all the time.

Hoy has been a winner on two wheels and now he moved to a four wheel race. With his Olympic achievements, he has become a household name. He had won about six gold medals which is a record breaking achievement. It should not come as any surprise that fans have much faith in him as he geared up for the four wheel race debut. He would be driving an Algarve Pro Racing Ligier of the LMP2 category. The sports car is iconic in this French motor race.

Hoy had announced his intention to race in Le Mans two years ago. He has then been in a program with Nissan. The other automobile brands like Toyota, Porsche and Audi would be battling out with LMP1 class cars while Scot will be with LMP2 category cars. It is a race that has been much awaited and fans have been eager to see how his debut race in motor racing takes off after he has dominated the two wheeler scene for long.

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