Cracknell vs Hoy: The street race

World Sport TV – Chris Hoy Interview

25 thoughts on “Chris Hoy pummeling the rest – world championship Keirin final 2010

  1. Annoying point about British riders; if they’re Scottish, Welsh or NIish then they play on this, when they’re English nothing is said. Me being pedantic but it always niggles me…

  2. whats up with the word pummeling? thx loveugodbless, t and j kabbalah matthewshepard madonnalicious

  3. this years final with Awang taken bronze with his legs in such a state goes to show how much he never gave up on anything. although i think chris hoy may just have him beet untill he retires. but after Hoy retires Awang will be breaking hoys records

  4. @minnellium
    Hoy will be an old fart by 2012…i wouldn’t bet a dime for him against a young crowd, especially against the little rocket man who will turn 24 by then at the peak of his power

  5. What Doping did he use lol? EPO with Enzym eating pills to make tests negative..? Like @ Tour d France 😛

  6. @minnellium speaking of ‘expecting to be beaten’, look out for the european championships in the Sprint today: Hoy qualified for the round of 16 in 1st place and got embarassed by the Irish rider after being 1-2 lengths in front on the final straight

  7. @TheFastTomi i agree with you , but keirin still requires brute power and chris hoy being a sprinter , he has loads and loads of that !

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