Chris Hoy Saddened and Enraged

Chris Hoy, professional road racing cyclist and winner of seven Olympic medals (out of which 6 were gold) and 11-time world championship winner recently tweeted that because of “a few minority of people” the whole sport of cycling has been tainted.

Lance Armstrong was recently stripped of his Olympic wins and other world championship medals after it was confirmed that he had been using performance enhancing drugs for years now. Armstrong also went on to say that he felt no shame or guilt in doing all this and changing blood and urine reports to stay off the grid because according to him, after fighting cancer (lance Armstrong had testicular cancer and he has to undergo chemotherapy and brain and testicular surgery), his desire to win had grown more and he was ready to do anything to be at the top. Armstrong’s Tour de France records (he won consecutive times from 1999 to 2005) were also taken away from him and he has been banned from the sport for life.

Chris Hoy openly said that due to the “greed and deception of a small minority” all members of the sport have been shamed and shunned and that’s a huge accusation at all players and the sport has been tainted due to these few number of people. He said he feels great regret to have to defend the game and their integrity because of a few people like Lance Armstrong.

After Lance Armstrong openly admitted to doping in an Oprah Winfrey show recently, Chris Hoy lashed out at Armstrong because he said in the interview that the drugs were needed because of his attitude to win.

Chris Hoy said that not everyone needs to be questioned because of statements like this and there are people who are willing to win clean and with honesty.

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