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10 thoughts on “Chris Hoy Vs Kevin Serau – Gold Medal Race 2008

  1. @MrTheGremlin no i mean slow as in they go round the circle slow for say 4 times then out of no where go like lightning

  2. If you have the patience, this is a pretty good sprint match. It explains the rules and the strategy in the first two laps. watch?v=BkkTSVVrPYk
    Also, not my video, just a good match, and good commentary.

  3. the guy behind the rider infront uses 30% LESS energy to do the same speed, so the final corner, the guy behind has extra speed waiting, so you want to be behind until the final corner.

  4. it’s a tactical race dude, timing is essential. if they both start sprinting then one of them will draft behind the other guy and kick his ass in the last 50m cuz he’ll have been saving 40% of his energy.

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