Cracknell vs Hoy: The street race

26 thoughts on “Chris Hoy vs Theo Bos – sprint world championchips ’08 p3

  1. @EloquentBmxer

    How exactly do you know the British no nothing about track racing? What an ignorant thing to say, the people who go to watch the racing outside of the championships no nothing do they, the ones who go to all the meets and races no nothing, you fucking retard have a word with yourself fast!!

  2. @JensFiedler
    It’s funny how the British worship this guy despite not knowing shit about track racing.

  3. 11,73hp? And horses do not produce heat? It’s absurd to multiply his power by 4 because of the heat. Horses are also no perpetuum mobile.

    3hp are 3hp. And that is really massive

  4. @soobeng agree whit you, after 150 kms. it’s hard to do this same sprint. But I noticed that Cavendish did compete in Olympics games 2008 in track (Madison). Therefore I think that in the past, maybe in some British championships, Cav and Hoy did confronts one at one, in sprint, or 1 km.

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