Chris Hoy will retire

The most successful British Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy recently gave a bite where he expressed his wish to win the Commonwealth gold medal in 2014. The champion cyclist managed to get six Olympic gold medals under his belt after securing two gold medals at London 2012. He also open-heartedly accepted the fact that it would not be possible for him to carry on till Rio 2016.

Sir Hoy, the first ambassador of Glasgow 2014, desires to end his career after participating at the Glasgow 2014 cycling event which will take place at Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Hoy felt lucky to be chosen the ambassador for Glasgow 2014 and asserted that it was a great honor to. Sir Hoy hasn’t yet started with his training schedules but he said that it would probably the greatest achievement for him to finish his career after competing in the velodrome which bears his name.

Sir Hoy is not participating in any major events in this year and he hasn’t been practicing since the end of the Olympic. He says that he wants to keep himself fit so that when the time comes he can be at his peak. While speaking about the aspects of his coming into coaching, Sir Hoy said that coaching certainly would be an option but he is still a rider. Until he finishes his career as a cyclist he won’t make an appearance as a coach.

Sir Hoy also feels a little strange about coaching as he would have to train those cyclists who have been his teammates or contemporaries once he becomes a coach. The other thing that seems to bother Sir Chris Hoy is the kind of time and commitment required for coaching. He feels that a coach has to give more time in a practice session than the athletes themselves. And he is of the opinion that all good athletes do not make a good coach.

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