Chris Hoy vs Theo Bos – sprint world championchips ’08 p3

Chris Hoy pummeling the rest – world championship Keirin final 2010

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  1. @antipike You’re right lets only give knighthoods for people that kill mostly innocent civillians as their full time job, not because they are ‘putting their lives on the line for us’ but because they are unable to get a real job, rather than an athlete who has preven his determination and excellence and inspired millions and represented our country.

  2. @05swanbe Thats a start then … so we agree that those 9 are 9 too many … now see how many have been given them for other sports / charity .. they cheapen the KNIGHTHOOD … Keep it for our warriors … they give them medals now and keep the real thing of value KNIGHTHOOD for the wrong people …. a medal wont open doors but a KNIGHTHOOD does …. very sad when they give them out to CHARITY workers ffs

  3. @antipike The answer is 9 footballers in 83 years, out of more than a thousand.
    Knighthoods are awarded for service to the country, not specifically for helping people (although charity workers do occassionally get knighted)

  4. @05swanbe Well someone must have thought it was ok to give out this honour to those that only thought to line their own pockets
    Google how many footballers where knighted

    Athletes are no better .. they only do what they do because they choose to not because it bettered anyone elses lives

  5. @antipike Well duh, I would never give it to a football player. They are grossly over-paid and don’t work 1/10th as hard as an olympian (I should also point out that for much of his career Redgrave was completely unpaid). The fact is, if we were to use your standards, we would have to strike off around 70% of the people on there.

  6. @05swanbe What a load of rubbish …. lets not cheapen the honour by giving such a thing to err say a football player etc etc

  7. @antipike You appear to be imposing your own criteria for knighthood as opposed to the actual one. Honours are used to recognise merit in terms of achievement and service.
    Decorations tend to be used to recognise specific deeds.
    Medals are used to recognise bravery, long and/or valuable service and/or good conduct.

    Knighthood is an honour, and so sporting excellence is a perfectly legitimate reason for recieving one.

  8. Hoy needs to come out and just say ” The fact of the matter is, I’m the best there is. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.”

  9. ive read the last few posts here, and im a soldier so im going to say this. Wheest the lot of ye, people do get obe’s mbe’s for excelling at any job, for doing good things for the community, and for becoming pinnacles of british society that includes the lowest ranks of the forces to the postman all for selfless dedication. All armchair punditc with a pot belly and chips on their shoulder thinking the world owes them a favour as they eat their pizza, please pipe down. signed A Soldier

  10. @05swanbe Unless you risk life or limb for your country then a Knighthood is not for you … their are a multitude of other awards they can be given Dont cheapen the KNIGHTHOOD by giving it to business men/ women / sports men / women

    Mbe / obe is more then enough

  11. @antipike Then what would you say is an acceptable reason for awarding a knighthood? After all, Lord Sugar CHOSE to go into business. Does the fact that a soldier CHOSE to sign up make him any less brave for risking his life to save others? Should we only award honours to people who were forced into their profession?
    Steve Redgrave is the most outstanding sportsman the world as ever seen; he brought glory to the country and his sport and should be recognised for it.

  12. @danleedsrc No he should not have have been given such a high honour for something he chose to do … this is a moronic honour to give a sportsman who has done nothing other than what he chose to do … an mbe would have been too much

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