Cycling Revolution In England

It seems that England is all set to witness the start of a revolution in the cycling arena. David Cameron (Prime Minister of United Kingdom) has pledged recently that £77m of the pubic money is going to be used to promote and give the necessary push to cycling in England. In this initiative Cameron is being supported by Chris Hoy- the legendary Olympian cyclist.

The fund of £77m is actually going to be the largest contribution of the government of United Kingdom to the British cycling. It has been identified that the trunk road system of around fourteen locations is making bike journeys difficult. The fund is going to be utilized for improving and upgrading the highway network of these fourteen locations.

Cameron has announced the allocation of such fund to encourage cycling because the success of British cycling in Tour de France, Olympics and Paralympics has been exceptional. Plus the British athletes have proven to be the best among all the other cyclists. The British government wants to create a safe environment for the cyclists with the help of the transport sectors, developers, local governments and business enterprises.

Norwich, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge and Newcastle are going to share the fund. Four national parks namely Dartmoor, New Forest, South Downs and Peak District are further going to get seventeen million pounds for cycling projects.

Most of the cycling groups in England have welcomed the scheme. But many of them still argue that in order to have an efficient cycling infrastructure like the one in Netherlands more funds and resources are absolutely necessary. The total funding after including the local government contributions is going to be around £148m between this year and 2015. Thus the eight countries sharing the fund are going to get around £10 per year for cycling plans and schemes.

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