Doping In Cycling

After the Lance Armstrong confession about doping during his seven titles of Tour de France on television, Sir Chris Hoy said that he wants to break the chain of past into the future of cycling, and he also said that he wants to reform the cycling and to get rid of people who use unfair techniques in cycling. Sir Chris Hoy is a 6 time gold medalist in Olympics track cycling. He says that he wants to regenerate the fame of Cycling by making sure the competitors are clear from doping. He added that it will all depend on how we are going to work to stop this happening again in cycling history.

One way it can be done by showing or leading the way to win championship without doping, like Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France. Another way to be clean is to improve the everyday dope testing, and doing it regularly.

Around the year 2000, when Lance Armstrong won the Tours, there was very little dope testing technique and it was not done regularly. Now dope testing is done on blood and urine.

Chris Hoy says, that whatever the cycling tours or championships, do your best and always do it without any bad techniques or doping. He is frustrated about the moral damage done to this sport by Lance Armstrong incident. He continues by saying that he is even more frustrated after people around him started to question about the sport’s repute. Hoy finishes by saying that all cyclists should put their effort clean for the better future of this sport.

Lance Armstrong admitted that he took EPOs, cortisone and testosterone to enhance his performance. After Lance’s confession about doping, another cyclist from Denmark Micheal Rasmussen also admitted that he also took performance enhancing drugs. Another cyclist from Luxembourg also fell for doping in recent times.

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