Chris Hoy – Standing Start

UCI Track World Cup Sprint 1/8 Finals Chris Hoy V’s Seidenbe

25 thoughts on “Hoy Flies to Kilo Win

  1. @supermat87 That makes my 1 minute of around 500 and peak (including arms! on a full body recumbent gym bike) of 909 watts seem pitiful. (I managed to hit 1536 watts on a quarter squat pneumatic rugby training machine for a fraction of a second with carefully chosen resistance. Possibly just below 2000 if the rising of my bodyweight was taken into account.

  2. My 1 minute sprint is probably about 500 watts – Chris Hoy could probably hold that power for ages. (Actually a roadie like Lance Armstrong or Fabian Cancellara could hold it longer as they are built for endurance).

  3. I”ll I got to say for these guys is they better fear the day guys like Usain Bolt take up track cycling.

  4. i can sprint a tenth of a mile until im like, dying. haha, he can do a full kilometer.

  5. I wonder what Hoy’s average power output for the event was?

    I’m guessing he’s pumpin’ out over 1000W.

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