Hoy Is Lions Prop Young’s Hero

Chris Hoy is one of the popular Olympians of all time and the legendary cyclist has won as many as 6 Olympic gold medals in his four Olympic appearances.

Apart from the six gold medals, Chris Hoy had also won the Olympic silver as a cyclist. There is no doubt that Hoy would be having a lot of fans, but one die hard fan of his from the sporting world is current Lions prop Dai Young.

Young said that he would any day welcome Sir Chris Hoy to be part of the Wasps team as he is such a huge fan of this cyclist. He says that Hoy gets the number one chance to be part of his rugby team, even if he had the option to choose between Hoy and the iconic Welsh footballer Gareth Bale. The footballer will only get a second chance in his Wasps team. Young was replying to a question put forth to him by a journalist as to which athlete in the world would he like to have at his disposal in his team.

Young feels that Hoy would have had tried his hand at rugby, but he preferred cycling. The rest is there for everyone to see. He appreciated Hoy for making the right choice. Young like Hoy is from Wales. He said that every sportsperson would have a hero and for him there is no greater hero than Chris Hoy. He believes that Hoy could be an inspiration to many young children looking to take up biking.

Chris Hoy has proved his mettle and cycling prowess time and time again during his illustrious career and he deserves all the adulation and the praises that he is getting. Adding Hoy to his already star studded Wasps rugby team will make the squad even more popular.

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