Hoy Is Ready To Debut In Motor Racing

Last month the Olympic and World champion Chris Hoy announced his retirement from active cycling competition which meant he would not be a part of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 (Glasgow). When a sportsman such as Chris Hoy retires there are zillions of other opportunities which open up for him. Chris Hoy could have become a coach after his retirement but he decided to give motor sport a shot.

Chris always had a passion and love for cars and he thought that the best time to satisfy his love for driving and cars is after his retirement from cycling. According to him, even after his retirement he has not lost his competitive instincts and to use these instincts in a different kind of sport is something that he is surely looking forward to. He is going to debut in the SR1 Cup which is a completely new championship for new drivers who want to try their luck in motor racing.

The SR1 Cup is a championship initiated by Radical (Sports car company in Britain). Hoy has got a chance to enter the championship because of Roger Green who is the marketing manager of Radical. Hoy’s first experience in motor racing was when he had participated in the Mazda6 Celebrity Challenge in March, 2013. This event was a part of Formula One Grand Prix (Melbourne) and Chris Hoy stood sixth in the overall standing which was not bad for a beginner in motor racing.

Chris Hoy is going to use the new sportscar- “Radical SR1 car” that Radical has brought out especially for the SR1 Cup. Hoy is being trained by Andy Wallace who was the winner of Le Mans in 1998. Wallace is quite impressed by Hoy and his techniques. Hoy has however made it clear that motor racing is not a career option for him but a hobby he wants to pursue with all his heart.

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