Hoy launches Bike Range for Children

Brit cycling legend Sir Hoy might have retired yet he still leads a packed life- still riding & training & still very much passionate about the bikes. It’s this affection for cycling, in every aspect of the sport that in some way led him to launch a new bike range for kids with 650c wheel-size.

After Hoy declared his retirement in 2013 April, he did not withheld his training. In his own words- “I am still into something everyday- I do relish a solid session in my gym or turbo. I simply enjoy riding the bike”, Hoy explained. The Brit cycling great has successfully transitioned from full-time biker to a former full-time rider now with the onset of his commercial bike business.

“I started thinking about my bi8ke firm since 2010. Thus, whatever happened at London or post that, my bike firm was perfectly planned & I has already discussed about my moves after retirement. I wished to stay with cycling but did not have the intention to get involved into coaching as that meant time away”, remarked Hoy.

“I wished to spend quality time with my wife Sarah who has been silently tolerating my hectic riding antics for years and never even made a complain about it. Thus I had forever preferred to stay tuned with technical aspect of bike & the design- hence a bike firm was just perfect”, Hoy added in.

On further approach the Olympic champion expressed his desire to get more and more people fond of bikes. “I wish to help people in getting to bikes and want it to be easily accessible- & hopefully ensure a very successful business venture too. Actually I just wanted an excuse that would help to get on the bikes again”, Hoy laughed heartily while speaking to our sources.

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