Hoy strongly condemns Bolt’s criticism on Commonwealth

Usain Bolt’s insensible comment on Commonwealth Games has naturally earned severe criticism from famous sport personalities of the world and the latest to criticize it is Sir Chris Hoy. Condemning Bolt’s remark as “a shame”, the 6-time gold medalist has commented that the sprint superstar has done something really derogatory by looking down upon the prestigious sporting event.

As per the reports, the speediest man is claimed to have said that the 2014 Commonwealth Games were “a tad s***” & that he is not actually having a great time in Glasgow.

However, the Jamaican sprinter has denied any claim regarding his derogatory comment on Commonwealth Games. He even remarked such an allegation as “nonsense” but Scottish media too has declared full confidence in their report about Bolt.

“I have not heard anyone saying anything derogatory as this”, remarked Sir Hoy adding that he has not met any athlete who has not been so blown away here (the Games).

“It is a matter of great shame if Bolt has yet I will say that take 99.9 percent of athletes’ opinion & use that as the barometer.”

Usain is believed to have passed the derogatory comment outside athletes’ village yet his Twitter posts were strong on denial.

“I am getting up to such kind of nonsense…journalists kindly do not create such lies for headlines”, was the tweet from Bolt.

The Jamaican sprinter later described his experience at Commonwealth 2014 as nothing but “awesome” while heading to female netball game between New Zealand & Jamaica.

Usain’s manager too refuted the claims as “rubbish”

“The ambience in & around the stadium is just fantastic & I don’t have a single cue on where such quotes are coming from”, said Ricky Simms, the manager of the Jamaican athlete.

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