In a recent poll conducted by team great Britain’s outfit producers, Simon Jersey, Sir Chris Roy was voted to Britain’s favorite Olympian.

He emerged first in a significant landslide surpassing every other sports man and cyclist on the list to become Britain’s most celebrated Olympian.

Sir Roy, who has won six gold medals from three Olympic Games, seems to be the most popular cyclist and favorite Olympian to the Brit. Chris had beat fellow cyclist Bradley Wiggins to the top of the people’s attention and Wiggins   had been voted as eight on the list.

This is quite a surprise as Wiggins himself has the potential to achieve even more decorations than Roy in his ongoing career, not only does he have a great deal of potential, Bradley is on a clear trajectory to obtain more Olympic medals and surpass Roy’s tally.

However, this has not dented the image of Roy in the eye of the people, as he appears to be miles ahead of Wiggins in the popularity vote. The vote was conducted among a group of 2000 people and even the renowned Sir Steve Redgrave, who has won quite a great number of medals in five different games, was only able to bag the second spot in the poll, this was largely due to his six gold medals and silver medals from just three games.

In an interview for the outfitters Simon Jersey, a spokesperson said:

“He’s the most decorated of all, so we aren’t that surprised that he’s been voted the British greatest favorite Olympian of all time above so many other famous names, and many will remember Sir Steve Redgrave winning his fifth consecutive Olympic gold medal which has earned him his runner up spot.”

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