Sir Chris Hoy, the cycling Olympic legend has insisted that he finally found his true calling when he became the author of a kids’ book.

His fifth kid’s book so far hit the shelves last week and it seems he is collecting literary credits as easily as he did gold medals.

Hoy, who was king of the track during his career, also finds it quite exciting writing his Flying Fergus series books. The 40-year old noted that he sees writing books more as a vocation instead of as a job and he gains pleasure from it.

“Writing books has become a vocation rather than a job and it gives me a lot of pleasure. Since I have retired from professional cycling I have been eager to devote my time and experience to working with the next generation of cyclists,” he said.

Talking a bit about his book, Hoy stated that one of his main reasons for creating the character of Fergus Hamilton in the book was to try to encourage kids to ride their bikes more often, and also read more and enjoy cycling.

His first book title Flying Fergus 1: The Best Birthday Cake and published about a year ago shot into Amazon’s Top 20 book list on the day it was released. The series talks about a nine-year old boy who inherits his dad’s rusty old bike and later discovers that there is more to it than meets the eye.

His passion to write has recently been fueled by his two-year old son, Callum whom he says he cannot wait to grow up and read his books. He however reiterated that writing books for kids was a desire he had nurtured even before the birth of his son.


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