Justice Renders In The Case Of Lance Armstrong

The attorney regarded claims of Lance Armstrong as baseless. The fight between the two parties is continuing where both the parties are defending their case. Armstrong apparently has 12 titles to his claim of defences.

The case is being narrowed by the government. Care is taken to limit the defence of Armstrong. The case is going on forever it seems apparently which is not good for the sport. It should have a positive vibe to it and not negative. Unfortunately, it is drawing unnecessary attention from all around. The claim that is going around is false. The case seems to be going on for long and at times there is reversal. There is chance that lot of limitations will be put in to stop the usage of time and other activities.

Damage if suffered is not going to be repaired according to the court of United States. The contention over some issue or the other keeps on going on. The exact time of resolution of the case is yet to be known. Other riders are not having any sort of encouragement as far as such issue is concerned and it becomes difficult to judge the case. However, it is the judge who is going to decide how long the case is going to be prolonged and the verdict goes in whose favour.

The job of the attorneys is proving to be exhaustive and it is a signal that the case is going to be prolonged. The motions written by both the sides are well researched which is making it tough for the judge to take decision in any one side’s favour. The resources are substantial for both the sides which are strong. The defence has to be on the affirmative side otherwise there is no point of continuing the case.

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