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22 thoughts on “London 2012: Sir Chris Hoy talks of his historic sixth Olympic gold win

  1. Was in Buxton Myself.What a cracking town that is, brilliant park with the
    ponds and train.Ignore those, we watch Braveheart every night shady
    characters of the nationalist element in Scotland.They get to over
    patriotic that they ram how good being Scottish is constantly down your

  2. Spooky! I was born in Buxton and my father (ex H.L.I.) is from Glasgow. I
    am genuinely proud of ALL our contributors in Team GB.

  3. That’s the thing about being British, we can rejoice in the victories of
    our brothers from Scotland, Wales and Ulster. Do you really imagine that
    not one British penny has contributed to the success of our Olympians?
    Would you have us believe that Sir Chris Hoy has a Scottish coach, a
    Scottish dietician, a Scottish masseur, a Scottish driver, a Scottish chef,
    and only has Scottish team mates? In the Olympic Velodrome, I could have
    sworn there was at least one cheering Englishman. Deary me.

  4. Settle down bud no more wars loll for now anyway … no but seriously andy
    was the scotish number 1 when he lost then when he was winning he was
    british & am taking that from sky news etc … sometimes it feels like
    we’re down classed in british television … proud to be british but these
    things dont go unnoticed

  5. See the likes of you.Your just like Alex Salmond and the rest of those
    nationalists scumbags that can’t even bring themselves to wish Team GB all
    the best.Salmond even said good luck our Scolympians?.What a moron,just say
    Britain you tube.Andy Murray, Chris Hoy and Kath Grainger were draping
    themselves in Union jacks because unlike you they are proud Scots and
    Brits.Just type in Olympic park Chris Hoy winning Gold, to see the reaction
    from a mainly English croud.Superb.

  6. Thats bullshit about him being Scottish if he lost, Team GB had winners
    from all over our isles, and we can all be proud of all of them. Chris Hoy
    is a man to look up too, a winner of the highest magnitude, a leader, and a
    humble man, he’s the type of bloke you’d gladly follow into battle.

  7. ‘british sporting legend’ sickens me, suits england so well that they have
    the uk, imagine england as an independant nation in the olympics…shite!!

  8. Fucking imbeciles. Chris Hoy would not give his ears time for your petty
    nationalistic rants. Nobody listens, they just jump on it for a reason for
    some youtube bating.

  9. See, you’re choose to ignore what I actually wrote. Did not ALL our
    Olympians benefit from “British” resources? If Sir Chris Hoy’s career was
    funded and supported ENTIRELY by Scottish money, you may have a point, but
    it wasn’t, was it? Geraint Thomas seemed pleased to be chosen for Team GB,
    whilst still being a proud Welshman. By the way, did Bradley Wiggins or
    Victoria Pendleton represent Team GB or England?

  10. What i’m saying is..imagine England as an independent nation…you would no
    longer be able to compete with the likes of USA or China..not that you
    already cant anyway…it suits the English perfectly because they have Team
    GB&NI, that way if a scot wins a medal or a Welshman wins a medal…”oh
    and its another gold for Britain”, never, ”oh and its another gold for
    scotland or wales”. Lets see how well England do when theres no longer
    scotland or NI in the brit team…

  11. As you will have heard tonight in Hoy’s words himself… British AND
    Scottish. Both are important (to him at least). It’s absolutely imperative
    that his Scottishness is recognised and celebrated alongside his
    Britishness. I agree that certain England fans shouldn’t merely use
    “British” as a crutch to prop up their own sense of achievement… if we
    want other members of the union to support us, then we have to genuinely
    support them too… not just as a back up when things go wrong.

  12. I know you are probably going to come back at me for saying that, with
    something terribly heated and vitriolic. So be it. I happen to believe in
    the union very strongly and irrespective of genes, I consider myself more
    British than English. I’m a one body many parts kinda guy. Disagree with me
    if you will but I genuinely don’t see any reason to be so misanthropic
    about it.

  13. This is an actual interview between presenter Kate Thornton and Samuel L
    Jackson: K- What’s it like working with Colin (Farrel), ‘cos he is just so
    hot in the U.K. right now. SLJ- He’s pretty hot in the U.S. too K- Yea! but
    he’s one of our own! SLJ- Isn’t he from Ireland? K- Yeah, but we claim him
    ‘cos Ireland is beside us. (laughter) SLJ- You see that’s your problem
    right there. You British keep claiming people that don’t belong to you. We
    had that problem in America too, it was called slavery.

  14. Well said mate.I’m Scottish but equally proud to be British.I was cheering
    all our athletes from the Ashbourne ex services club Derbyshire where i
    watched Andy Murray win Gold and the roof nearly came off.Alex Salmond will
    never win Independance because most Scots feel Scottish and British
    aswell.But i admit to voting SNP because Labour were useless and no way was
    i voting tory.

  15. So, you want to argue on one single word. What about the rest of my
    comments? Come on son, find fault with anything else I said.

  16. ‘ulster’, a typical Brit with no geographical intelligence..for fuck
    sake..ulster has nine counties, the north of Ireland, which is not even a
    part of Britain, but a state within Ireland which is part of the UK, has 6
    counties…so what you’;ve just done is proved my point! LOL…you ‘ve just
    went and claimed another 3 counties for yourself..idiots!

  17. you’re straying away from the point think i care how much
    money your olympions get..that doesnt matter to me at poit is that
    you try to claim anything that is good, but cast away anything or anyone
    who is not worth knowing…

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