New Line Of Clothing By Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy won 6 Olympic medals from which he is all set to model for his latest clothing line. With Vulpine his clothing line has been launched. The sprint of Chris Hoy was known to be something irreducible.

The strength that he possessed with the grind of the pedal to start of the pistol, every torque and strain was felt. He is now of 38 years of age. The clothing line bears his name and along with him is his Nick Hussey, his business partner. Amusingly, he is described as a hipster and an amateur cyclist in his youth, they both make a great team with their differences.

The difference in the world of cycling is that retailers who have their franchise are working independently on the proliferation of the cyclists. It is a totally new world for him. He is having the time of his life in the silhouettes and clothes. He has created an inclusive range along with the quality in the clothes. The clothing is titled as “performance” based. At times the sport of cycling becomes serious and that is the idea to let go which is reflected in the clothes.

The cyclists ride up the hill in shorts with caps, socks and shirts. Hoy’s life has not changed post retirement since as he still strives to work as hard as before for his clothing line. Life has changed for the better of him as a baby boy was born to him. He is extremely joyous with the new addition to his family. There is lot of work to be done by him post retirement and his life has just got better with passage of time. When the cyclists drive down their bikes in the clothing range, the scene looks spectacular amidst the calm and pristine mountains.

Chris Hoy receiving his 6th gold medal

2004 UCI Track Cycling World Championships – 1KM Time Trial (Chris Hoy)