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25 thoughts on “Sir Chris Hoy and Team GB Winning Gold in Track Cycling at the London 2012 Olympics!

  1. “if you are disgusted by Philip Heinz go and sing in a choir, don’t watch elite sport. go and play violin or play the recorder. do something that features no aggression, because you’ll be disappointed in sports people. you’ll be disappointed in elite people in life I guarantee you will because they’ll always try and find that edge. They will.” – Gary Neville

  2. gabrielevans999

    Either you’re majorly trolling or we’re missing something here… how exactly did we cheat? From where i was watching it looked like we were just slaying everyone else

  3. Successful? Lol by coming third with a clear home advantage. Mate ur team GB are just gay show offs. Just like the England football team against San Marino. SHOW OFFS!!!

  4. what country would you be from Mr 1994zlatan? Why not support your own country, even compete for it, instead of displaying such poor a attitude to others that are successful?

  5. the judging panel of any event is supplied by the international body which regulates that sport. if you didn’t know this, now you do.

  6. You have made yourself look like a complete twat there with that comment as Charlie has shown you up… The fact you have not put any examples just shows how bitter & jel you are.

  7. Jonathan Garner

    They tried to change the rules to stop us. They failed. We now know what we knew before. Britain are the best at cycling and France can’t take losing.

  8. they should have been disqualified like the asian badminton players after intentionally staging a crash to get a restart

    but racist british apply double standards according to country and don’t know the meaning of fair play

  9. But it doesn’t work like that really does it, it almost laughable to suggest you can laud it over a tiny small nation (there’s plenty to choose from) as being “better” than them when it is actually not possible for them to get more medals than they actually got let alone more than the US. Yes anyone would say who came first, as in the top of the table, as being the US. That does not equal the best though, as that is vastly more complicated and potentially unanswerable depending on circumstances.

  10. Ah that must be why they relegated Vicky Pendleton twice in the London games then? U frickin halfwit.

  11. Hi people check out my channel for some brilliant footage of the Olympics and other stuff

  12. Its fine, and thank you. I really don’t understand why there seems to be a lot of hate between the two countries, well I wouldn’t even say that. It’s the minority of both countries that make each other look bad. British people can’t really deny that USA is the best at Olympics but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Coming third was such an achievement for us.

  13. TheCaptnAwesomee

    sorry if sounded like i was trying to talk smack. I really wasn’t trying to.. its just that I find many people from both U.S. and U.K. saying really stupid things to each other. not saying you, your actually the few from both party that can hold civil conversation over a debate, without resorting to profanity and ignorance.

  14. You tell me when I said Britain was the best, see your just talking shit now. Cause if you asked me I would say USA are the best in the Olympics by far. So don’t try saying I’ve said something which I clearly haven’t, you should try talking to other people about that.

  15. TheCaptnAwesomee

    Its also fact that we have more athletes who put more effort training. unfortunately the world sees the best as the country with most golds/medals that is fact.If you standardized the best in any form like GDP,POP,Team Size. That would be different, you see that’s not the case. If you ask any average person from a modern country, and asked who came top as #1 the would say the U.S. If you want to prove to the world you are the best the only true way is to show the world by winning more medals

  16. TheCaptnAwesomee

    You just contradicted yourself. Its about how much people are actually training.. Jamaica a population of 2,709,300 wining 6 gold medals or Finland having the best per capita in the world, so these are  best country’s in the Olympics?

  17. TheCaptnAwesomee

    I never disagreed with your point in the first place.. In the favor of your comment you missed the reasoning behind uncontrolled variables of each country of people not participating, how many disabled people in the country, lets see here, here in the U.S. GDP =15 trillion and people dying of hunger, homeless and with no health care. I am not really proud, nope.how much of the population is fit or healthy, the age pool of people.. were is data of how many people are training for the Olympics?

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