Sir Hoy Speaks On The Armstrong Drug Scandal

The British Cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, eleven times world champion and six times Olympic gold winner and one silver recently broke his silence on the Lance Armstrong incident on twitter. He expressed his disappointment in Armstrong stating how his irresponsible action has tainted the entire sports cycling community.

Lance Armstrong went on air for Oprah saying how he has been using drugs to improve his performance. He also added that he didn’t feel any guilt or shame for his action; he went to explicit details saying how he has been changing the reports of his blood and urine from time to time to bluff the officials. He said the main reason behind his taking drugs was his desperation to prove himself once again after recovering from a fatal cancer stage and thus he did everything to win. This resulted in the Olympic officials stripping him of his medals once it was proved that he was using performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong also lost his 7 consecutive years winning record at the prestigious Tour de France cycling race.

Chris went on to say that he had smelled something fishy in Armstrong performances during his consecutive France victories. He added that he was glad that such stringent actions were being taken “It’s good we are naming and shaming people – no matter how big the names are.”

Chris Hoy stated that this revelation is depressing as many considered Armstrong as an inspiration for struggling with his cancer and recovering from it. He was saddened that for one man’s selfish act hewas forced to vouch for the entire cycling community.

Hoy also explained why the cyclists shouldn’t cheat, as doing so would mean putting all their achievements, the fan following and the respect in the eyes of their family members at stake.

Chris Hoy wins 4th Keirin Championship – from Universal Sports

Chris Hoy winning gold at the UCI London World Cup in the Olympic Velodrome