Sir Hoy’s New Exploit Is ‘Bike Skiing’

Chris Hoy known for his spectacular bike riding and amazing performances, is also known for his new adventures.

Recently, he switched cycling and moved to motor racing. Now, Hoy has got a new interest, and it is bike skiing. The rider is back on cycle again and can be seen riding his two wheels, but now with an attached ski.

Hoy is the champion of Olympic for six-time and now he is exploring more area in cycling. ‘Bike skiing’ is one among them. Hoy has launched a video, in which he can be seen riding on a bike across the thick snow with a ski. The ski is attached to the front wheel of the bike.

Well, this is not the first adventure of six-time Olympic champion. At the beginning of this year, Hoy announced that he has plans to ride across Antarctica and become the first person to do so. For that, Hoy has moved to the place and has started his training. It is being two weeks, he is there.

The clip that rider has shared on Sunday on Twitter from Iceland, Sir Hoy could be seen on a fat bike and riding it. It is an off-road bicycle with tyres that are oversized and a green ski clipped attached to his first wheel on to the bottom.

It is a 9-second clip that shows Sir Hoy is pumping the pedals. The background is almost fully white in color with snow falling.

The back wheel of bike could be seen from side to side sliding. However, the green ski attached to the front wheel a kept him stable.

“My first time skiing!” this was the caption mentioned below the footage of Sir Chris post on Twitter.

The users and followers of Sir Chris Twitter were impressed looking at the latest exploits of cycling star.


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