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In a recent poll conducted by team great Britain’s outfit producers, Simon Jersey, Sir Chris Roy was voted to Britain’s favorite Olympian.

He emerged first in a significant landslide surpassing every other sports man and cyclist on the list to become Britain’s most celebrated Olympian.

Sir Roy, who has won six gold medals from three Olympic Games, seems to be the most popular cyclist and favorite Olympian to the Brit. Chris had beat fellow cyclist Bradley Wiggins to the top of the people’s attention and Wiggins   had been voted as eight on the list.

This is quite a surprise as Wiggins himself has the potential to achieve even more decorations than Roy in his ongoing career, not only does he have a great deal of potential, Bradley is on a clear trajectory to obtain more Olympic medals and surpass Roy’s tally. (more…)

Sir Hoy Confident About Wiggins at 2016 Olympics

Albeit the Brit cycling is struggling hard to come up with a winning performance yet Sir Hoy is really confident about an inspirational presence from Sir Wiggins. According to the best decorated British Olympian, the returning hero would come up with the needed fillip that would help the track cyclists to bounce back with confidence from the last month’s 14-year low at World Championships.

However, the legendary rider has warned the cyclists and the fans of Brit Cycling not keep expectations of the all-conquering feats of 2012 London & 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Britain came up with a disappointing 14-year low last month at Track Cycling UCI Worlds that was hosted at Paris. It was one of the worst performances by the Brit squad ever where they won only 3 silver medals & not one single gold- such an incident was an unfortunate first since the year 2001.

It, certainly, was quite an alarming outcome & poses a murky shadow on Britain’s fate at the upcoming Olympics. The big event is not even eighteen months away & hence the British team needs to work really hard to catapult it to a strong contending position at the 2016 Olympics. Sir Hoy, the celebrated mentor for Brit riders, did admit that the camp is passing through an under-confident phase at present. (more…)

New Line Of Clothing By Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy won 6 Olympic medals from which he is all set to model for his latest clothing line. With Vulpine his clothing line has been launched. The sprint of Chris Hoy was known to be something irreducible.

The strength that he possessed with the grind of the pedal to start of the pistol, every torque and strain was felt. He is now of 38 years of age. The clothing line bears his name and along with him is his Nick Hussey, his business partner. Amusingly, he is described as a hipster and an amateur cyclist in his youth, they both make a great team with their differences.

The difference in the world of cycling is that retailers who have their franchise are working independently on the proliferation of the cyclists. It is a totally new world for him. He is having the time of his life in the silhouettes and clothes. He has created an inclusive range along with the quality in the clothes. The clothing is titled as “performance” based. At times the sport of cycling becomes serious and that is the idea to let go which is reflected in the clothes. (more…)

Chris Hoy Holds His Baby Son For The First Time

Chris Hoy said that he was very happy to hold his son, Callum, for the first time. The baby was born 11 weeks premature. Sir Hoy said that they weren’t expecting the baby so soon and he also said that the baby is doing well.

Sir Hoy said that the baby’s condition is improving very fast. He said that seeing the baby and holding him is a wonderful experience for them and to be able to bring the baby home would be great. They don’t know yet when they would be able to bring the baby home, they’re hoping that they’ll be able to bring the baby home by Christmas. Sir Hoy said that there couldn’t be a better Christmas present for them than to be able to bring the baby home but he also said that right now, they’re trying to not think much further ahead. Chris Hoy said that the baby is gaining weight and becoming stronger with each passing day and they’re hopeful of bringing the baby home shortly.

He said that holding one’s baby for the first time is an incredible experience and he also said that the situation is actually very stressful. He also said that the couple didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl; they were very much delighted to find out that it is a boy. He said that to hold one’s baby for the first time is a marvelous feeling.

Chris Hoy was chosen as Scotland’s national treasure by the public. The poll was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the national Lottery. He said that he used to buy lottery tickets occasionally and he also used to sell them. He said that lottery had the biggest impact on his career. He said that he didn’t have to get a job after finishing university because he had the option of making money by selling lottery tickets. He said that if he joined a full time job then he wouldn’t have been able to train as much as he did. He said that for his becoming an athlete, no other factor was as important as lottery.

Hoy launches Bike Range for Children

Brit cycling legend Sir Hoy might have retired yet he still leads a packed life- still riding & training & still very much passionate about the bikes. It’s this affection for cycling, in every aspect of the sport that in some way led him to launch a new bike range for kids with 650c wheel-size.

After Hoy declared his retirement in 2013 April, he did not withheld his training. In his own words- “I am still into something everyday- I do relish a solid session in my gym or turbo. I simply enjoy riding the bike”, Hoy explained. The Brit cycling great has successfully transitioned from full-time biker to a former full-time rider now with the onset of his commercial bike business.

“I started thinking about my bi8ke firm since 2010. Thus, whatever happened at London or post that, my bike firm was perfectly planned & I has already discussed about my moves after retirement. I wished to stay with cycling but did not have the intention to get involved into coaching as that meant time away”, remarked Hoy.

“I wished to spend quality time with my wife Sarah who has been silently tolerating my hectic riding antics for years and never even made a complain about it. Thus I had forever preferred to stay tuned with technical aspect of bike & the design- hence a bike firm was just perfect”, Hoy added in.

On further approach the Olympic champion expressed his desire to get more and more people fond of bikes. “I wish to help people in getting to bikes and want it to be easily accessible- & hopefully ensure a very successful business venture too. Actually I just wanted an excuse that would help to get on the bikes again”, Hoy laughed heartily while speaking to our sources.

Cycling Revolution In England

It seems that England is all set to witness the start of a revolution in the cycling arena. David Cameron (Prime Minister of United Kingdom) has pledged recently that £77m of the pubic money is going to be used to promote and give the necessary push to cycling in England. In this initiative Cameron is being supported by Chris Hoy- the legendary Olympian cyclist.

The fund of £77m is actually going to be the largest contribution of the government of United Kingdom to the British cycling. It has been identified that the trunk road system of around fourteen locations is making bike journeys difficult. The fund is going to be utilized for improving and upgrading the highway network of these fourteen locations.

Cameron has announced the allocation of such fund to encourage cycling because the success of British cycling in Tour de France, Olympics and Paralympics has been exceptional. Plus the British athletes have proven to be the best among all the other cyclists. The British government wants to create a safe environment for the cyclists with the help of the transport sectors, developers, local governments and business enterprises.

Norwich, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge and Newcastle are going to share the fund. Four national parks namely Dartmoor, New Forest, South Downs and Peak District are further going to get seventeen million pounds for cycling projects.

Most of the cycling groups in England have welcomed the scheme. But many of them still argue that in order to have an efficient cycling infrastructure like the one in Netherlands more funds and resources are absolutely necessary. The total funding after including the local government contributions is going to be around £148m between this year and 2015. Thus the eight countries sharing the fund are going to get around £10 per year for cycling plans and schemes.