Chris Hoy – 2008 BBC Interview (Inside Sport)

Sir Chris Hoy Britian’s greatest Olympian and Sir Steve Redgrave

25 thoughts on “Velodrome Skid Competition

  1. That’s going to be the majority as that’s the stock ratio for most fixed
    gear bikes, and most people don’t give a shit to change it.

  2. @jesuriah Lol I just found out that my cog is 14 tooth not 16, I want to
    get new cranks not just for the ratio but for looks. Thanks for all the
    help! =)

  3. It’s probably allowed in competition, particularly in the sprint (I don’t
    see why one would pull a “slider” in any other event unless it was to avoid
    a collision). My guess is that it’s allowed as long as one does not travel
    backwards at any point.

  4. @jesuriah Yea I have heard of Brown. I used to live in houston now I live
    in LA there is really no hills there is stops and traffic. Would 48 be good
    or should I look for 46t cranks? Also is it really a difference from 52t to
    48t cranks or will I just be spending my money?

  5. How….how is that even possible?? I weigh 160 and I would be thrown off
    the bike just because of the speed and ratio….

  6. @enjoisk8er95 You idiot, brakes aren’t allowed on the track. Fucking fixie
    whip hipster. Learn the damn sport.

  7. The people who moan about knees are you people who can’t skid. Also I
    didn’t think you were allowed to do this on a velodrome.

  8. You ride with your thighs and calves, joined at the knee by some important
    ligaments. Those ligaments take on way more stress load when starting at a
    higher gain ratio. Deal with it. It’s still worse for your knees.

  9. @pancho0022 Where I live now is relatively flat and 46-18 seems to work
    perfect. I’m sending you a link to a gear calc now so you can figure out
    which gearing will work best for you. You might just try getting a new rear
    cog instead of a new chain ring, they’re much cheaper. a 19 tooth would
    probably be very livable.

  10. except whats the average speed these professional cyclists are moving on
    the velodrome again?

  11. just switched my gearing to 48:19. not bad, i can spin at a higher cadence,
    that’s for sure. but when it comes to city traffic, i can pretty much ride
    just as with my 44:19 but with more control. it’ll take some time but so
    far, so good. some times i just get off the pedals bombing down hills and
    let them shits spin out of control

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